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Welcome to my life...

20 July
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I live here in Peoria,Az.
I am happily married to a most warm and loveable man.
We have are issues... but who don't...lol!!! Anyone who knows my husband and I wonder how we have stayed together as long as we have.
There isn't a day that goes by we don't have a big argument about something, but we always end up laughing at ourselves because we will forget what the hell we were arguing about after it is all over with...

We will be married 19 yrs this December.
My husband has two daughters by previes marriages. I have two daughters also by a previes marriage.Our children are all grown and they have blessed us both with a total of 9 grandchildren.

Let's see here, My husbands name is clifford james...but we and everyone who knows him calls him (Jim).
His oldest daughters name is Sandra. Her family is ...husband JJ. and son Jacob.
Jim's younger daughter name is Melanie, but we call her "Lil Mel.I'll explain in a moment why we call her Lil Mel.
Mel's husbands name is Matt, son, Ezera, daughter Julie-Anna,daughter, Claire and last is daughter Violet.
You see I also have a daughter name Melanie. She is older than Lil Mel. Since Lil Mel is the youngest we just call her Lil Mel!!!

Melanie her husband's name is Dean...daughter, Deanna, and son Daniel. Now I also have a daughter, her name is Tonya.
Tonya's family her husband Kevin, daughter Lynnaiea, son Dewayne and son Jay. Now we all live in Phx az except "Lil Mel her family lives in Washington State. So we don't get to see much of her family.
We all stay in contact with each other and are a close net family.
My Journal will be mostly about my family and staying in contact with all my dear friends. This is the first time I have ever written in a Journal.